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Accessories and Related

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ALWAYS shop around for best prices--prices listed are manufacturers' suggested retail, for the most part.


CASES and Screen Protectors (Cases: must have. Screen Protectors: maybe not?)


THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO PROTECT ON ANY iOS DEVICE: THE CORNERS! Make sure the case you consider buying has protection for the corners of your device!


Tip shared by M.Gilbert: be sure you order the correct case for the iThing model you have. Placement of buttons (like power) has been known to change from model to model!


Cases recommended in our area include:

ZaggMate  iPad-aluminum: $100 w/keyboard; 70 w/out. iPod:

Otterbox -used by special ed in Sheb.Falls iPad $90; iPod $40

D-Lux by Blurex -leather for iPad w/keyboard $80

Kensington -plastic, no keyboard $40

iPevo Kraken- Extra padded corners will provide extra drop protection, comes w/screen protector, ergonomically designed handles; iPad $40

Monoprice.com (recommended by Roxann via Tony Vincent) for great prices on a variety of iPod accessories, including silicone and hard plastic cases starting at 92 cents each and screen film starting at $1.26. Further discounts for quantities. Also have a very nice foam case for kids with built in stand that also works as a handle! Cost is abou $16 for one, again with quantity discounts.


From Incipio:

Notes from Lisa Pospishil, Assistive Technology Specialist at Norfolk Public Schools where they implemented 400 iPod Touches for use by special needs kids: 

Incipio’s Ultra Light Feather case. It has a good feel, snaps on easily, comes in a variety of colors and comes with 2 screen guards (these cost $2-4 per guard normally). They are easy to snap on and off (if you know the trick- take your thumbs on either side of the bottom part by the sync port and pop it off) Cost: 11.99 per case (bulk purchase otherwise they are 19.99) Call the company to get them for 11.99 when you buy at least 200. They have other price breaks, too.


Screen Protectors range from cheap (lots and lots of options, often hard to put on without bubbles appearing) to pricey. My favorite ones are from Zagg.com "Invisible Shields" ($30 for front only!) which, if damaged, are replaced by the company for only a minimal shipping charge. The newer "gorilla glass" on devices generally means that you have to work really hard to scratch them, so if you need to cut costs, this could be an area to consider.



iPEVO-Tubular Wireless bluetooth,3 watt, very portable $59.13 

X-Mini  charge via USB (4-8 hour playback) very portable, wired $25 

Bose Companion2 Multimedia Speakers-from Sam's Club -great for classroom use (larger, not really portable) excellent sound/volume $62.83 


Document cameras

Considered by most a must have in classrooms using iThings on a regular basis. Allows students to easily share what they've learned/found/researched and teachers to demo apps, etc.


iPevo-Point2View $69, school PO's accepted, connects to computer via USB. Works great when showing iPods-to use with iPads, you need to raise it up on a platform to be able to get a full screen view. Very lightweight/portable. Can capture still images and be used as a webcam (no mic input)


Tripods and related (for iPhone/iPod Touch video production )

Tamrac TR406 ZipShot Compact Ultra-Light Instant Tripod -Amazon price $50-very lightweight and portable; sets up quickly


Here's a tripod mount adaptor to hold your iPod Touch4 or your iPhone on the tripod (about $6.50)


Make the iPad 2 a viable option for moviemaking!

There are also several options in the iTunes store for making the iPad work as a teleprompter ranging in price from free to $14.99.  (haven't tried any out as yet)



Cathleen Richardson's website: iPod Touch in Education

Cathleen's website includes links to nicely organized info about peripheral recording devices for iPods. The website also includes info about developing apps, and some of her favorite apps. Cathleen is an educational technology guru and a pioneer educational technology specialist for over 13 years. She has earned the famed Apple Distinguished Educator Award for her leadership.



Charging Stations

Here are a couple of ideas I've run across worth considering for storage/charging "stations" that cost WAY less than any of the industry iPad "carts" that are on the market.


From MacRumors forum regular user ctyhntr

My DYI suggestion. Check out this steel rifle locker from Walmart for $99. Walmart only charges 97 cents to ship it. Have the school handyman install wheels, or attach it to a dolly platform so it doesn't tip over when you push it around.
For storing the iPads, get a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 plastic folder stacking trays. They're like $3 from staples. If you want to turn into a mobile charging station, mount a couple of power strips inside, and run a 25 foot extension cord out of the locker. You can keep iPads charging over night, and have it under lock and key. Add a wireless router, and turn the gun locker into a portable wifi access point. You'll never have to worry about signal strength.


Joseph Morelock, Canby School District, Oregon, shares his DIY/MacGyver solution here:


The 16-port PowerPad 16 delivers charges for up to 16 iPads simultaneously -- at the "bargain" price of $710. Cheaper than a full cart, though...


Here are some PRICEY charging cart options:

ParaSync Charging and Synchronization Dock sync station for iPods. Holds up to 20 -syncs only 4 at a time with a Windows machine, all 20 with a Mac.

$890 w/shipping


Bretford PowerSync Cart options for iPods or  iPads


Datamation offers a full suite of charging, sync and storage setups.



Cable and Wire Management

A great list of a variety of options for managing cables, connectors and plugs can be found in a post by Jake Rocheleau called "Taming Gadget Cables: 30 Holders & Organizers You Can Buy."  (some pricey, some not)


General websites for lots of accessories

Monoprice.com has some of the best prices I've seen for replacement charging/docking cables, wall chargers, earbuds, cases etc.

Just be sure you order for the correct model and generation of your iPod, as there are some differences.


Another similar site is HandheldItems.com



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