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Great Websites

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Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand website is an absolute treasure!

On his site, you’ll find loads of info including:

  • Practically everything you need to know about using an iPod in Education 
  •  Tony has a great series of podcasts available either on his website or through iTunes (free for Mac or PC) called “Learning in Hand: iPods.” (Search on “Tony Vincent” in iTunes-you’ll find it faster.)

Tony regularly adds content to his podcasts, so I highly recommend you subscribe!


Clay Reisler, Pulaski Middle School

shares his and his colleagues experiences with iPad touches in his iPaddiction blog


Dena Brudecki's (LMS at Plymouth Schools) wiki about iPod iTouch in the classroom. (Lots of links to amazing resources!) 



Free ePub formatted textbooks

Available from CK12.org and ready to use on iThings. They are called "flexbooks" and are customizable, standardized and FREE! Science, Technology, Engineering and Math flexbooks are available.


Keith Mountin's iOS Event Resources

Keith is an Apple engineer and a K-12 rep for our area. Great info on a variety of subjects, including Apple's volume purchasing plan. Also included is Keith's WI-edu email link. The list is open to WI educators only, so be sure to use your school email when subscribing.



We ask our ADE colleagues to contribute your apptivities, a specific learning activity using apps on mobile devices.  A key part of our vision for apptivities is to provide media resources that give a “view” into best practices in the classroom. apptivities: Models for successful instructional practices with mobile devices. It’s the application of apps for learning.


Exploring the Impact of iPads on Schools and Schooling  

A very, very nice collection of resources, research, practical applications.




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