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Recommended Apps

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 Scroll down on the page for lots of links to lists of apps/recommendations.


But first--Complete our survey to share apps that work for you and/or your students!


Survey results for apps being used by our area schools



Other resources for apps:

General Lists (cover a variety of grades/ages/curriculum areas)

Tony Vincent's iPod touch and iPhone apps list on Google Moderator. You won't be able to vote or contribute unless you have (or create) a Google account, but this list is very informative anyway.


Tony Vincent's app library on Appolicious (Yahoo list) and his list of apps lists on Delicious

Tony Vincent's applist and iPad app list on Delicious 


Tony also recently reviewed Harry Dickens and Andrew Churches self-published Apps for Learning: 40 Best iPad, iPod touch, iPhone Apps for High School Classrooms. He includes some lists of the apps they recommend in his review.


iear.org has a VERY nicely organized list of apps (and other resources) that are being reviewed by educators and students. Includes apps for struggling readers and ELL students as well as many other curriculum areas. Also includes some links to school initiatives so you can learn more about how others are implementing/using iOS devices.


Top 20 Must-Have Educational iPod and iPad Apps Used by Real Teachers in the Classroom

Educators use apps for everything from communicating with students to inspiring creativity to dissecting virtual frogs. Luckily, we have lots of educators (including Apple Distinguished Educators) on Appolicious who share their lists of the best education apps for elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school. These are the education apps most listed by educators on Appolicious. (Another great resource!)


Roxann Nys's list of apps--some for education, some for fun. Loosely categorized. All have been tested by her, kids and/or other teachers.


"20 Apps in 20 minutes"

In this webinar you get an overview 20 apps in 20 minutes. These are the apps that were used in the classroom and found to be effective supplements to the curriculum. They were used with 5th grade science students while working with ipads for an entire school year.

20 Apps in 20 Minutes Ipad Edition from TJ Houston on Vimeo.

Mike Fisher's LiveBinder called IPads in Schools contains a HOST of great resources and ideas for using iOS devices in the classroom. The LiveBinder is beautifully organized and is easy to use. Many of the apps/ideas listed are also adaptable for the iPod. Mike is a Nationally Certified Teacher, Instructional Coach and Educational Consultant based in Western New York. You can also follow Mike on Twitter.


Applicable2u iPad and iTouch app review blog The blogger, Andrea Gardner, shares some in-depth reviews/commentary about a variety of elementary (and some middle school) apps. Andrea was an elementary and middle school teacher for many years. She is also certified Smartboard trainer, a certified field trainer and collaborator on the development of Verizon Thinkfinity online courseware, a trainer for the Massachusetts Elementary School Principal’s Association and a regular presenter in professional development programs for school educators. 


This list of apps is refreshingly sorted by learning goals! Costs are included, but unfortunately, no links to the apps listed and no info on recommended grade levels.


On Twitter: Follow @tonyvincent, @rnys, @dianedarrow

Search on Twitter: #edapp


Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything (and it really is!) has a great batch of resources for iPads in the classroom, including apps and much, much more.


InTouch School assistive technology specialist, Lisa Pospishil, shares her current top Apps for Elementary and Apps for Secondary Students.  During the 1st 3 Stages students will have Only Base Apps on their iPod.  She finds having too many Apps causes a loss of focus for the students.  To move on to Stage 4 students will meet with her individually or in small (2-3) groups.  During this meeting students will need to demonstrate key skills and  be taught how to sync their own iPod.  That is when the fun should really begin and the iPod will become a true Individual Personal Learning Device.  Remember there is no need to rush.


Planeten Paultje's list of apps for education--nicely categorized and presented.


Some outstanding lists, with explanations of specific apps by subject area. These are all compiled by Lisa Thuman, the Senior Specialist in Technology Education with the Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I would definitely follow her blogposts on iPod touch.


          Apps for Foreign Languages

Apps for Music

Apps for Math 

Apps for Science  

Apps for Social Studies 

Apps for You!


15 Most Fun And Innovative Puzzle Games For iPhone  some really fun and addictive puzzle applications that will twist that brains of yours and will make you scratch your head in wonder. Some of the featured games boast of innovative gameplay, while others find new and unique ways to implement the classic idea.  So whether you are a passionate puzzle player or just want something witty and unobtrusive to pass the time, you will definitely find a game to your taste in this collection.


Alcalanes Union HS in Lafayette, CA has a list of some apps that they have on the AUHSD iPod Touches that can help with continuity of learning. Use the "Sort" link to find Apps by discipline. (iTunes required to access the links)


There's a site dedicated to the topic: Best Kids Apps. This site was easy to use because you can search by age, or type (creative, educational, word games, etc). The site gives each app a letter grade, too. Their motto "We play all the iPhone and iPad apps so you don't have to." Topics include:



iSchool Initiative's list of "branded apps" (selected by students for students!) A percentage of purchase of their "branded apps" goes to their initiative. You can find the apps on iTunes by searching on "iSi"  They also have a nice rubric they've developed for rating apps.

iSchool Intiative's mission is to advocate, support and implement technological advancement for students and educators in the 21st century. In order to accomplish this, we have three primary objectives: raising awareness for the technological needs of the classroom, providing collaborative research on the use of technology in the classroom, and guiding schools in the implementation of this technology. We are a partnership between students, teachers, school administrators, and software application developers, providing a platform for each to comprehend the other's needs.


AppStoreApps' list of the the top 50 free applications in the Education category (data is pulled from iTunes downloads). We also have a list of the top paid education iPhone apps.  No reviews or categorization...a popularity list, basically, but worth a look. 


If you use iPod Touches in your classroom and students have access to either an iPod Touch or an iPhone, here are some "Apps" that we have on the AUHSD iPod Touches that can help with continuity of learning


International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC) was founded in 2004 by the International Institute for Software Technology of the United Nations University (UNU-IIST). The aim of the colloquium is to bring together practitioners and researchers from academia, industry and government to present research results, and exchange experience, ideas, and solutions for their problems in theoretical aspects of computing. We believe that this will help the developing countries to strengthen their research, teaching and development in computer science and engineering, to improve the links between developing countries and developed countries, and to establish collaboration in research and education.

ICTAC MEMO iPhone Apps for Education


Here's a google spreadsheet (not sure who created it?) that lists apps, links to apps, suggested curriculum and grade level usage, a brief description and cost.   


A Google Moderator page that invites educators to comment on best iPhone and iPod touch applications for education. Lots of recommendations with ideas on how to use them in the classroom.


Moms with Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Most of their membership is comprised of parents who have launched their own apps on the App Store, have their own access to iTunes Connect, and have the time and inclination to share best practices with other developers at the founder’s level.


This iPad in Education Wiki houses information related to the iPad in Education sponsored by the Department of Educational Technology in the School District of Palm Beach County. Within the wiki you'll find a host of useful tips and ideas, including grade level lists of apps. 


Apps for Educators and School Leaders (Now linked to an individual page with lists of apps)

  • Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators--For YOU, not students.  Although you're not likely to see schools issuing an iPhone to every faculty and staff member, the fact is that the iPhone is a great tool for education. Whether you're a teacher, librarian, or other educator, there are a number of apps that can help you do your job better. Take a look at 50 of these apps and what they can do for you. 
  • A nice list of Apps for Teachers created by Apple


Apps for the Very Young and Elementary Age Students (Now linked to an individual page with lists of apps)


Apps for Middle School/Tweens (Now linked to an individual page with lists of apps)


Apps for Special Needs


Apps for Environmental Ed/Science


Apps for ELL

Recommended by the Newcomer Center, an alternative school in Township High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, IL in an article by Jennifer Demski, who is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, NY:

Dictionary.com Dictionary and Thesaurus allows users to look up words without an internet connection, plus take advantage of audio pronunciation and voice-to-text searching capabilities. (Free from Dictionary.com)

ITranslate translates words, phrases, and even whole sentences into more than 50 languages. It also features voice recognition and conversation modes. (Free from Sonico GmbH) 

Keynote can be used for creating complex presentations and slideshows with simple taps and drags of the finger. ($9.99 from Apple)

Kindle e-Reader allows users to read and interact with more than 810,000 books available in the Kindle store on a platform optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. (Free from Amazon Mobile)

Pages is a powerful word processor that can be used for creating letters, fliers, brochures, reports, and more. ($9.99 from Apple)

PhotoPad offers many premium photo editing tools, including image rotation and resizing, cropping, red-eye removal, color and saturation adjustment, paint bucket, and more. (Free from Zagg)

SmartNote allows iPad users do anything they might do in a regular notebook in a password-protected app, including taking notes, sketching ideas, and highlighting text. (Free or $2.99 for ad-free version from Christopher Thibault and Brendan Lee)

StoryKit is an app that allows students and teachers to easily create digital, multimedia storybooks with this app. (Free from the International Children's Digital Library Foundation)

Voice Memo lets a user record audio using the device's built-in microphone or an external mic. (Native to iPod Touch and iPhone from Apple)

15(+) Must Have Free Apps For Education

(Compiled and presented by Roxann Nys, CESA 7 ETS  on 2/1/2012)


App Evaluation Resources




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