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Some links to info from schools that have successfully implemented iPods and/or iPads

-Dos/Don'ts/Policies and more

You don't have to re-invent the wheel...I encourage you to get in touch directly with the folks mentioned below to ask questions and continue the discussion. They are ready to share!

New resources will be added at the top in bold face until another new one is added. LOTS of info here!


10 Steps to a Successful School iPad Program-iPads in Education

Sam Glicksman shares some helpful tips to remember if your school is considering implementing an iPad initiative. Common sense and well thought out, Sam does a great job of guiding you to making good choices. Sam is the author of the book "iPad in Education for Dummies." My favorite tip: "The iPad classroom should be open, flexible and driven by passion and initiative. Don’t expect to control every aspect of students’ learning and don’t feel that you always need to be the expert on technology use. You already have rows of them sitting in front of you."


Check out this very interesting video, highlighting how a 5th grade teacher in Alaska uses iPads in his classroom on a daily basis


Combine 29 fifth graders, 15 iPads, and one gifted teacher and what do you get? A truly transformed classroom. Also available as an eBook for iOS devices: http://www.archive.org/download/OneTransformedClassroom/OneTransformedClassroom.epub


Chicago Public Schools has deployed 20,000 devices and shares their experiences in their blog. Here are direct links to specific parts of the information they've shared:




Here's a Wisconsin source: Dan King from his presentation for Iowa-Grant School District (?) has an excellent web resource with all kinds of great info about iPads!


Sam Gliksman created this iPad Ning called iPadEducators with some wonderful resources that will help in many ways. Join his Ning and join in the conversation!


Apple's Volume Purchasing Plan

If you are going to be purchasing apps on a larger scale for classroom use, you need to be aware of the VPP or Volume Purchasing Plan. It was initially very convoluted, but Apple continues to streamline the process of setting it up and utilizing the codes you receive when purchasing. Additionally, through VPP, many apps are discounted to schools! Here are some resources to help you understand and implement the VPP:




-iear.org's commentary on the more streamlined VPP system, published Feb. 2011


I came across a blog post by Tony Vincent in regard to evaluating apps for purchase. Tony writes about a rubric created by Harry Walker, who is the principal of Sandy Plains Elementary School in Baltimore County, Maryland. The rubric was in draft form at the time of the post and the comments section at the bottom gives some interesting suggestions for additions. Worth the read!


Lessons from an iPad Rollout

Florida's "first iPad high school" has deployed 1,000 iPads to its high school teachers and students. Thanks to preparations on the infrastructure, training, and security fronts, the fall rollout has proved relatively snag-free!


Mike Fisher's LiveBinder for iPads in Schools contains a list of blogs where people are sharing their experiences about implementing iOS devices into their schools. Mike is a Nationally Certified Teacher, Instructional Coach and Educational Consultant based in Western New York. 


Evolving 1:1

A private school in North Carolina has begun working iPads into its 7-year-old 1:1 computing initiative, but it's not stopping there.

Here is this school's story about successful implementation of iPads --even though they were a total PC school to begin with. :-)


Preparing Your School for an iPad Implementation

Planning is imperative for any technology initiative - iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives. Too many institutions purchase technology and then search for ways to utilize it ... or leave it collecting dust on the shelf.  Planning needs to consider both infrastructure needs and the educational applications of the new technology. Without the proper preparation, technology initiatives are liable to become expensive failures.

iPads in Education Ning: Exploring the use of iPads and Tablet computers in education

The goal of this community is to promote innovation in education through the use of technology. The site is not sponsored by Apple nor does it endorse the use of any specific technology or product.


Prepping for iPads in School

An article about a private school in Florida has begun tackling the challenges associated with its impending iPad rollout, one of the first in the state that will place the mobile devices in the hands of every high school student.


iNtouch School- iPod Touch in the Classroom

Resources, tips, ideas from a school implementing 450 iPods for special needs students. Down-loadable forms including a staged implementation plan, parental consent form and much more. EXCELLENT info!


iPod Touch Schoolwide Implementation (short blog post)

There are a number of posts from individuals interested in using iPod Touches for teaching and Learning. At Culbreth Middle in Chapel Hill, NC we began a pilot this past August to place the iPod Touch in the hands of staff and students.


Sites to See: iPod Resources

Once considered just a portable music player, the iPod now is making a splash in many K-12 and college classrooms. Discover how this popular new technology is being used for teaching and learning. Included: Case studies, information on podcasting, lesson plan ideas, and discussion groups.


Pulaski School District, Wisconsin

Pulaski is using iPod touches in at least one classroom and with special needs students. They shared lots of good info at an open house in Spring 2010. The link will take you to the resources and info they shared.


Tony Vincent's website "Learning In Hand"

is an amazing resource with tons of useful info. Be sure to check him out!

Waukesha Middle School shares a short video on how iPod is used in their classrooms

Chad Kafka 7th and 8th grade ICT teacher from Forest Park Middle School in Waukesha has created a cool video clip to show different ways an iPod can be used as a learning tool in the classroom.

School CIO - Strategies for K-12 Technology Leaders

According to Robert Craven, education technology coordinator for the Orange County Department of Education in California, iPods offer astounding possibilities for education. Administrators can record meetings, administer professional development activities, and keep contact information for every student and faculty member in the district. But the real benefits are for students, who use iPods to count calories, to record themselves reading, to make podcasts—even to get to the moon. School CIO asked him to elaborate on the popular gadget’s possibilities.


Springfield, Illinois Public School Website that focuses on ipod use in the classroom

This website encompasses sections: Student Consumed, Student Created, and Teacher Tools. It's not just about telling. It's about teaching, particpating, and engaging a team of students. Expand the classroom walls. Use podcasts, audiofiles and text files in the curriculum. The teacher tools section includes tools to help classrooms create audio files and podcasts.


Interactive teaching brings iPods into the classroom

 The iPod quiz is one component of Perth Amboy's participation in iTunes U, a section of the Apple iTunes Store where students and teachers can upload and download shared content for free. Perth Amboy is one of five New Jersey school districts that uploads content to iTunes, which rolled out its K-12 version of the iTunes U software this summer. "Right now (students) are using all these technologies every day at home and we want to connect that usage to learning," said Sharon Nagy-Johnson, the district's technology specialist. "They love it. They're not bored in class anymore."


iPods for the Pre-K  and ESL Classrooms

 iPods are devices that can store and play all kinds of information, not just music, they can even be used as external hard drives.  This school district has distributed iPod's to all ESL teachers and will be phasing them in for all teachers soon.  At first teachers were a little hesitant about what to do with it other than listen to music, but soon  eyes were opened wide!  Click on the link to see ideas for using iPods in the Pre-K Classroom.


Using iPods in the Classroom Promotes Interactive Learning and More Effective Studying



At a time when many schools are enacting new rules not allowing iPods in the classroom, other schools  are using them as a teaching tool. - John Parrott   Find out how schools are using iPods in foreign language, music, and for studying. Often, because of human nature, many educators and learning institutions resist new delivery methods, especially when the new is also radical. On the other hand, some schools don't want to put bans on what is new, they are actually anxious to explore up and coming technologies. Some high schools having a great deal of success is now maximizing on that success by having juniors and seniors participate in designing features of this form of delivery.


Cave Creek Unified School District #93 - iPods in the Classroom Program



This year, through grants, Cave Creek has been able to expand their iPods in the Classroom Project for a second year and to more classroom teachers. There is a full day professional development session for these teachers, facilitated by Tony Vincent, world renouned educator and handheld expert.  As a result of the training, the teachers each received an iPod and a voice recorder, and the knowhow to implement a project in their classrooms. 24 teachers from all across the district participate, who together impact more than 1000 students.  Music teachers, classroom teachers, language teachers, history teachers.  All areas were represented as educators learned together how to use the iPod for classroom instruction.

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