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Apps for High School

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It is very difficult to categorize any app as being appropriate for a particular grade/age level, since student abilities and needs vary so greatly. Also, many apps can be used across the curriculum, not just in any one particular subject area. Think outside the box when looking at apps and be sure to check out the general lists on our Apps for Education page. Many of these contain info on apps that my be appropriate for middle school aged learners. 


Roxann's List of Apps for High School Teachers and Students 

I have reviewed/tested all the apps on this list and believe they are of value for teaching and learning in the high school. 


Some Lists Created by Other Educators


John Shoemaker Palm Beach Schools, has created a wiki page of apps used in their schools in their iPad pilot program.


iEducation App Review (iEAR.org) Teacher reviews and tips on apps for all grade levels--excellent site!


Kevin Cummins, an e-learning coach at a high school in Victoria, Australia, shares a list of "10 Essential iPad Apps for High School Students."  His blog "EdGalaxy"  begun in 2009, is a way for him to help the staff he works with "filter high quality and useful web sites, resources, lessons and web tools from the commercial rubbish aimed at teachers." Kevin says he is "basically...just a computer geek who can break technical jargon down so the average teacher can use it in their classroom." He doesn't recommend anything unless he "can see a purpose for it that will make your professional or personal life better for using it."


Chicago Public Schools iPad Apps List: Here is a list of iPad Apps that schools across CPS are using in the classroom: https://sites.google.com/site/cpsipadapplist/useful-links


A list of literature apps for educators

(and some potentially for students, too) was given as part of Aaron Morrison's blog post in Pearson's School Systems Blog. Included are:

Stanza: (free) This e-reader allows you to download free or paid books from a variety of places and has plenty of options such as varying fonts, sizes, bookmark, definitions, screen brightness, and more.

Booklist Online Review of the Day: (free) Review of the Day is as simple as they come! Simply open the app and read the review of the day. This FREE app is a great way to discover new books and get the latest scoop in literature today!

Classics: (.99) Don’t leave home without this app! Classics gives you access to some of the greatest stories every written. These literary masterpieces have been digitally formatted into elegantly designed 3D pages, which you can flip yourself! Works like The Odyssey, Frankenstein, Pride&Prejudice, and Gulliver’s Travel can be with you wherever you go.

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms: ($14.99!) This app is perfect for avid readers & literature enthusiasts. You and your students will benefit from this comprehensive text that provides insight to almost 1,200 troublesome literary terms.

Kids Book Review: (free) This FREE iPhone app features hundreds of book reviews, audio interviews with authors, sample chapters, and purchase links! Teachers can use the Kids Book Review app to compile monthly reading lists for students to take home, listen to author interviews in the classroom, and keep up on the latest children, tween, and young adult books!

Shakespeare: (free) Brush up on your Shakespeare with the FREE Shakespeare app! With the complete works of Shakespeare at your fingertips, you can access your favorite plays, sonnets and poems! You could even share a Shakespeare Quote of the Day with your students.



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